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Take advantage of our clearance items: beautiful plate sets, handcrafted men and women's moccasins, as well as elegantly designed men and women's bracelets, all on sale!
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  • Signature Plate Sets - Bringing Good Medicine/Mother Daughter Water Song
  • Fuchsia Ladies Moccasins
  • Laurentian Chief Men's Smooth Deerskin Moccasins
  • Ladies Moccasins - Hiawatha Ladies Plain Moccasins
  • Royal Blue Ladies Moccasins
  • Signature Plate Sets - Ancestors & Crane Clan On Sale
  • Signature Plate Sets - Sky Dance - Inukshuk/Eagle Over Sky
  • Signature Plate Sets - Tree of Life III & The Gathering On Sale Now
  • Signature Plate Sets - Raven Dream Catcher & Loon with Dragonfly On Sale
  • Brushed Copper Bracelet - Indigenous Design 2
  • Laurentian Chief 8" Mukluks with Crepe Sole - Fushcia
  • Brushed Copper Bracelet - Eagle