About Us

What is Mocs N More?

Hello, my name is Shirley, I'm the founder of Mocs N More; an Indigenous company that specializes in the Footwear and beautiful artwork of our Indigenous culture.

As an Indigenous Artist and small business owner, I have always loved and embraced our culture’s beautiful arts and designs. I am proud to bring the beauty and culture to light for a larger audience to appreciate it in the same way I do.

History of the Brand

As an artist with 18 years in the footwear industry, the concept of Mocs N More began with me developing a website for my customers to buy affordable, good-quality products. As a result, spreading our beautiful culture, art, & designs quickly became my passion.

Since then, we have grown and expanded our inventory to include numerous other products such as journals, blankets, colouring books, mugs, coasters, towels, games and puzzles – you name it.

Made in Canada

At Mocs N More, we have Canadian-made Moccasins & Mukluks. Along with our footwear, we also have a variety of Artist Collection Products. Mocs N More works with many Canadian suppliers who, in turn, work with all artists who are acknowledged for all their designs on each product.

As a result, artists are paid royalties and fees for their contributions and have given consent and permission for all their art that is featured on every piece of footwear, article of clothing, and item or product.

Mocs N More is also a proud supporter of the Canadian and First Nations art communities.

For this reason, we make every effort to buy Canadian products and deal with Canadian Suppliers. They, in turn, make every effort to manufacture locally. And in cases where they cannot, they work with trusted manufacturers in regions ranging from Europe all the way to Asia.

My Mission

My goal is to deliver quality products at affordable prices to our patrons; with customer satisfaction being of utmost importance. Providing excellent service is crucial to me. And over the 18 years of selling moccasins, I have enjoyed working with our customers to get the proper fit and size each time.

I travel yearly to Calgary and surrounding areas attending trade shows & markets, speaking and helping customers choose their products. Connecting with individuals just like you is an absolute joy and pleasure!

As such, I look forward to meeting you at the shows, and if you have any questions, visit the contact page on the website, where I’m always just a click away.