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Browse our collection of indigenous artist design wallets for men. Our wallets are great for carrying everything you need on the go in style! The indigenous artist design apparel offers beautifully designed options for both men and women and includes moccasins, purses, wallets, t-shirts, bracelets, flip flops, and more!
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  • Ladies Moccasins - Laurentian Chief Moccasins Turquoise
  • Artist Collection Reusable Face Masks - 4 Ply Masks
  • Ladies Shawls - Visions of Our Ancestors (Teal)
  • Coin Wallet - Hope
  • Brushed Copper Earrings
  • Cosmetic Bags - And Some Watched the Sunset
  • Fuchsia Ladies Moccasins
  • Cross Body Purse - Spring Bear
  • Ladies Moose Hide Suede Moccasins - Hiawatha Moccasins
  • Ladies Moccasins - Laurentian Chief Royal Blue
  • Ladies and Men's Flip Flops - Indigenous Designed Raven
  • Mocs N More Totem Bracelets - Black Onyx
  • TRAVEL WALLETS - Not Forgotten
  • ART SOCKS - Leaf Dancer
  • Glass Dome Rings - Dream Catcher
  • Brushed Copper Rings Adjustable - Floral Design
  • Ladies Moccasins - Hand Beaded Smooth Moosehide / Unlined Moccasins
  • Embroidered Knitted Hats - Breath of Life
  • Ladies Moccasins - Hiawatha Ladies Plain Moccasins
  • Performance Leggings - Gray/Black (Pacific Formline) Medium Only