Mocs N More Totem Bracelets - Green Howilite
Mocs N More Totem Bracelets - Green Howilite

Mocs N More Totem Bracelets - Green Howilite

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Mocs N More Bracelets

These beautiful bracelets are made in store with genuine stones.  Each bracelet is Hand Crafted to enhance each stone properties and qualities.  Each bracelet has either cracked quartz, matte cracked quartz, or matte quartz along with either sea coral or lava stone.
These would make an excellent gift for your special friend or special someone in your life. 
Pick your own charm!!


Green Howlite - Strengthens memory & stimulates knowledge, Emotional Healer, Patience, Calming Stone, Balances calcium levels


Cracked Quartz-Master Healer Stone of Light, Amulet to Avoid Negative Energy, Emotional and Mental Healer, Energy Balance

Lava Stone-Strength & Courage, Grounding Stone, Mother Earth, Guidance

Sea Coral-quiets emotions & brings peace, increases intuition, imagination and brings positive into life, accelerates knowledge

Feather Totem- trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom

Dragonfly Totem-wisdom and change, tranformation

Hummingbird Totem-love and happiness, Positive Outlook

Tree of Life Totem- personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. 

Dove Totem-represents peace of the deepest kind

Turtle Totem- represents Mother Earth, Healing, Wisdom, longevity, endurance, health & safety, fertility.